Water heaters are an important part of a home’s functionality and comfort, and a disruption in the hot water supply isn’t just an inconvenience. However, internal parts inevitably corrode and break down, and efficiency often suffers. The ideal scenario is for a 24hr hot water system servicing and repairs to replace or repair the water heater before complete failure. Luckily, certain signs can indicate a potential problem. Below, readers can learn what to look for when assessing the need for Hot Water Repairs in Perth.

Look at the Water Coming From the Tap

The condition of the water is a reliable indicator of the water heater’s functionality. Excessive sediment may indicate that it is time for a thorough cleaning, and muddy or rusty water can indicate other issues. Call a local plumber for immediate assistance.

Metallic Smell or Taste in the Water

If the home’s water tastes or smells metallic, it is likely to come from iron bacteria or dissolved iron. In some cases, the iron content is sufficient to change the taste of the water. It may seem like a minor annoyance, but odd-smelling water should not be ignored.

Listen to the Water Heater

A low humming noise is normal, and it is typically heard when the unit’s tank is refilling after a period of use. However, homeowners should listen for noises including loud cracks and popping. Such noises point to a buildup of mineral scale that can adversely affect the unit’s operation.

Leaking and Pooling

Leaks and water accumulation are a reliable sign of heater failure, and they typically occur when internal corrosion is thick enough to breach the inside walls of the tank. If there is water collecting around and underneath the unit, it requires gas installation in Perth.

Temperature Fluctuations

A temperature fluctuation or related issue can imply an imminent failure of the water heater. If the water isn’t getting hot enough, it is likely that the unit’s efficiency is in decline. If there is no hot water at all, the heating element is likely to blame and replacement or repair may be necessary.

Most of today’s water heaters require little maintenance. However, as with many machines, routine upkeep can reduce or eliminate expensive Hot Water Repairs. Twice yearly maintenance is enough for most heaters, and a local pro can provide it. Whether the homeowner suspects a failing water heater or they need repair, the team at WA Assett is there.